A comprehensive training manual with 40+ experiential activities
that accelerate learning. Available for $40.00 plus s/h.

A coloring book for grownups. This is one story of an average man,
living a common life and his struggle to pursue an uncommon path
to a life of fulfillment.

An experiential guide to living the life you desire.
Traffic Personality Test is available for download for free.

There are people who are born to do one thing.
There are others who find their calling early in life,
and others who eventually fall into their life course and never falter.
For the rest of us, we search. This is one man's journey.


When you've lost your way, and life is a struggle, the only solution
is to reconnect, and pursue your passion. The only choice is to build
your deck. This book is a ten step guide to living a passion focused life.